Remesh Tet Mesh

Use the Tet: Remesh tool to regenerate the mesh for a single volume of tetrahedral elements.

  1. From the 3D ribbon, click the Tet > Remesh tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Optional: On the guide bar, click to define tetra mesh options.
  3. Select elements.
  4. Optional: Activate the Baffles selector on the guide bar and select baffle shells.
  5. Optional: Activate the Anchors selector on the guide bar and select anchor nodes.
  6. Click Mesh.
Figure 2.

Advanced Options

The following options are available in the guide bar options menu ().

Fix mid-nodes for second order mesh
In case of 2nd order tetras, this option fixes the mid edge node of surface mesh while volume meshing.
Surface mesh treatment
This option affects those faces of tetra elements which are on the outside of the volume, meaning the tetra faces which have only one tetra attached. Those faces are called free boundary faces.
Retain existing
Retain existing free boundary faces.
Remesh the free boundary faces.
Swap the edges of the free boundary faces. The mesh nodes stay unchanged.
Mesh destination
The component in which the tetra mesh is organized.
Restrict minimum size
Will not enforce any size.
Will enforce minimum tetra edge length.
Will enforce minimum tetra height (shortest distance from tetnode to opposing tetra face.)