List Browser

Use the List Browser for arbitrary grouping partial FE models and exporting to solver decks for analysis.

From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Assembly > List Browser.

Use the List Browser to group elements, components, parts, loads, sets and systems into a single list entity regardless of the parts/subsystem/CAD BOM organization maintained in the Model/Part/Subsystem browsers. You can select or drag-drop entities in the List Browser and export the list to a solver deck. This export gathers all of the related information, such as materials, properties, laminates and beam section data referred to by elements, components and parts, to the analysis decks.
Figure 1. List Browser Supported Entities

You can set up an analysis run of a small portion of a model. Many lists can be created in the List Browser, including duplicating the elements, parts, loads, sets and systems in multiple list groups. This is not possible using parts/subsystems where the uniqueness of elements/nodes is required.

Access additional List Browser options from its right-click context menu.