Import Geometry

This tool can bring in a CAD data file into MotionView to create bodies and graphics. The graphics created are of the type CADGraphics. The CAD file is directly used and components are represented as Parasolid objects. The mass and inertia properties are calculated for individual components and this information gets aggregated as the mass and inertia properties of the body that the components belong to. The Body has their properties set to get properties from graphics.

The steps below outline how to import a CAD file.

  1. Select the System/Assembly/Analysis into which the geometry is to be imported (the Model system is the default).
  2. From the File menu, select Import > Geometry.
  3. Select the importing CAD file using the File selector.
  4. Click Open.
    The CAD file is imported. A body and a corresponding graphic is created for each component in the CAD Part/Assembly.
    Note: Steel is the default material assigned to the graphics. To change materials, select the graphics in the modeling window and select Material using the right-click context menu.