Edit a Datum Line with a Microdialog

Use micro dialogs to edit the datum label name and position, or move a datum line in the modeling window.

  1. From the modeling window, double-click a datum line label.
    The datum line label microdialog is displayed.
    Figure 1. Datum Label microdialog

  2. In the Label field, enter a new label name.
  3. From the Position drop-down menu, select a new location for the datum label relative to the datum line.
  4. Double-click on the datum line to display datum position microdialog.
    Figure 2. Datum Position microdialog - Vertical Datum Line

  5. Enter a value in the X or V field and press Enter to reposition the datum line.
  1. Click the coordinate icon, , to display an arrow and drag the datum line manually to its new position.