Technical Concepts

Technology and problem evaluation approaches used in SnRD.

Squeak and rattle issues are always caused by relative displacement between two components which are mounted with or without a gap, and might interact for a short duration of time. If there is no relative displacement, there are no squeak and rattle issues.

To capture these issues during pre-production there are several methods to measure, analyse, and fix these issues.
  • Acoustics method: Issues are captured using acoustical methods. These captured sounds will define the squeak and rattle issues.
  • Use of a Laser Scanning Vibrometer. This is an instrument used for rapid, non-contact measurement and imaging of vibration.

SnRD Methodology

Use virtual simulation to successfully design and engineer innovative products.

Squeak and Rattle Director can help CAE analysts in identifying the locations of squeak and rattle noises based on multiple risk analysis capabilities. SnRD can be used to conduct root cause analysis, diagnosis of the issues detected, and communication to other stakeholders, such as designers and manufacturing. This problem solving is the key in development cycles, therefore SnRD has been enhanced with Optimization setup to guide you in proposing efficient design changes.