Combined Loading

SnRD solution analyzes squeak and rattles for static and dynamic load types. In the post-processing module, a combined loading module is available to study combination scenarios.

For example, a road load (in load step 1) and thermal load (in load step 2) can be superposed to see the effect on the S&R performance. This calculation is possible in the SnRD Post-Processing module without rerunning the analysis. In addition, a scaling factor can be applied to take advantage of the Linear nature of the Modal Transient solution and Linear Static load cases already ran.

Considering this example, you can choose to apply the effect of thermal expansion on the gaps between the parts while applying the vibration load to the system analyzed. This results in the calculation of new gap dimensions to assess the rattle phenomena between the parts. In addition, you can also detect if an open gap becomes a touch condition or pretension indication that squeak might happen.

New Nom. Gap = Original Nom. Gap – Rel Disp in Z for LC affecting gap
Figure 1.
Figure 2. Summary of All Possible Combinations