Linear repetition of objects


The operation Linear repetition of objects allows for the duplication of N times the objects according to a vector.

Structure of the operation Linear repetition

The operation Linear repetition of the objects is described by:

  • A coordinate system for the creation of points (active coordinate system in the list available on the graphic View)
  • A list of objects to repeat
  • The components on Ox, Oy and Oz of the vector of repetition
  • The number of repetitions
  • The appearance of the resulting objects (color and visibility)
Dialog box Illustration


The creation of an operation of Linear repetition has as results:

  • A geometric operation LINEAR_1.
  • As many geometric operations as the objects repeated LINEAR_1_1, LINEAR_1_2… (it permits to isolate each object duplicated and to use them independently then).
  • As many objects as the objects to turn symmetric OBJ_ LINEAR _1_1, OBJ_ LINEAR _1_2, …
  • The addition of the geometric operation LINEAR _1 in the list of geometric operations of each of origin objects
  • The addition of the geometric operations LINEAR_1_1, LINEAR_1_2… in each of the objects resulting from the repetition (OBJ_LINEAR _1_1, OBJ_LINEAR _1_2, …)


The different ways to access the operation of Linear repetition are:

  • By menu: Tools > Linear repetition > New
  • By icon:

Creation of a linear repetition

The creation process of a linear repetition is presented in the table below.

Stage Description
1 Choice of the coordinate system of creation
2 Opening the dialog box Linear repetition

Choice of the name of the generated Geometric operation

(by default: LINEAR_1)

4 Choice of objects to repeat
5 Enter the coordinates of repetition vector (DX, DY, DZ)
6 Enter the number of repetitions
7 Validation by clicking on OK


In the modification only the vector of repetition and the number of repetitions are modifiable.

The list of repeated objects is not modifiable.

Example of linear repetition

By means of an example, here are the geometric operations and the objects that are created during an operation of linear repetition of objects.

Studied example: repetition of a cone (number of repetitions = 2)

Before repetition After repetition
Data Tree
Geometric operations

1 geometric operation:

  • CONE_1: creation of the object OBJ_CONE_1

3 new geometric operations:

  • (Father) LINEAR_1: creation of the repetition
  • (Son) LINEAR_1_1: creation of the object OBJ_LINEAR_1_1
  • (Son) LINEAR_1_2: creation of the object OBJ_LINEAR_1_2
Building tree of the object cone
Building trees of the resulting objects _