Notion of volume / object and geometric operation


For operation of the modeler and to ensure synchronization between the database Flux and database ACIS, new entities are being added in the modeler:

  • The “object” entity (different to volume entity, it is a level above volume)
  • The “geometric operation” entity

Notion Volume/Object

The modeler functionalities are applied on objects, unlike the standard geometry context where it is points lines faces and volumes that are manipulated.

The object is the entity “father” in the modeler, the points lines faces and volumes become sub-entities.

The object entity allows being synchronous with geometric kernel ACIS that also have this type of entity to manipulate CAD.

The object may be composed by one or more volumes.

The entity volume has always the same interest for Flux; it is an entity over which the physical regions may be assigned.

Geometric operation

The geometric operation in a Flux entity that is associated with each action of construction done in the modeler. This entity may be edited from the data tree to modify an action of building. Geometric operations are linked according to the sequence of building action. It is the construction tree which allows to ensure the cycle of life of the construction (in creation, , modification and deletion)

Geometric operations are only available in the modeler context.


The shown example is:

  • Creation of a block à an operation BLOCK_1 + an object OBJ_BLOCK_1
  • Creation of a fillet on this object à an operation FILLET_1 + modification of the object OBJ_BLOCK_1
  • Modification of dimensions of BLOCK_1 à in chronological order the operation BLOCK_1 is revaluated, then the operation FILLET_1