Compatibility of old 3D and 2D projects with the modeler


How does the modeler with Flux projects generated with a version without modeler (prior to version 12)?

Old 3D projects

Old 3D projects are compatible with the modeler. After opening your old project, you may modify the geometry with modeler functionalities. When entering in the modeler context, a conversion of entities of the project is done to ensure the compatibility with the ACIS kernel. The geometry is transformed into an object in addition to volumes faces and lines points already existing.

The user can thus use the functionalities of the modeler whose manipulate only objects.

  • Informations on entities: The information (mesh, region,… ) on entities points lines faces and volumes of the origin project, are kept if the topology remains constant.
  • Infinite box: The infinite box of a project is ignored (but kept) when you enter in the modeler. So it is not apparent. On leaving modeler context, it was rebuilt so that the air volume surrounding the device.
  • Separation of volumes: There is the possibility to break the object composed by N volumes in N objects. This allows the user to manipulate the N resulting objects independently. If the user chooses to separate the cells in this case he should reassemble everything before out of context modeler to be compatible with Flux.

    It is possible to choose only volumes to separate.

    This functionality is accessible:

    • By menu: Correction&Simplification > Separate volumes > New
    • By icon:

2D project imports

In Flux (out of modeler) it is possible to import a 2D project, then the user would extrude faces to a 3D device. Upon entry in the modeler context the 2D geometry that is in a certain plane is converted to a sketch entity. The sketch entity allows using modeler functionalities of extrusion to obtain a 3D geometry.

The import of 2D project can be also done directly on the Sketcher context.

The sketch is also editable and modifiable using the sketcher tool that is accessible from the modeler (See Flux Modeler: 3D building from to a 2D profile )