Physical input data

Input data

When one of the properties of the problem is a function of the variable that is the unknown of the system, the physical input data necessary to define the nonlinear system are:

  • the function (for the residual vector computation)
  • its derivative of the function (for the computation of the Jacobian of the system)

… in Flux

A general idea of the input data required to define a nonlinear system in case of the Flux applications is presented in the two tables below:

  • on the one hand, for the nonlinear behavior laws of materials
  • on the other hand, for the thermal properties which depend on the temperature
Application State variable Function Derivative
Magnetic Magnetic scalar potential B(H) dB/dH = incremental tensor of magnetic permeability
Magnetic vector potential H(B) dH/dB = incremental tensor of magnetic reluctivity
Electric Electric potential J(E) dJ/dE = incremental tensor of electric conductivity
Application State variable Function Derivative
Thermal Temperature k(T) dk/dT
ρCp(T) dρCp(T)/dT