Import the geometry (advanced mode): import geometry


To import the geometry of an XXX file in advanced mode :

Step Action

Activate the command via the menu Project and point on Import > Import geometry and click on import geometry from a "XXX" file

A new dialog box Import geometry from an XXX file is opened.

In the « general » tab, select the file to be imported:

  • click on the button

    A new dialog box Open appears.

  • search for the needed file and click on it
  • clic on Open
The complete file path is written in the text zone File name zone of the dialog box Import geometry from an XXX file.

In the «general », chose:

  • the coordinate system to position the object to be imported
  • the scale factor
  • the centering geometry import

In the «entities», precese the entities to be imported or not:

  • solids
  • free faces
  • free lines
  • invisible entities

In the « healing » tab, chose the healings to carry out or not:

  • automatic healing
  • free face stitching with tolerance coefficient
  • solid assembly with tolerance coefficient
  • self intersection healing
6 Click on « ok »
The imported geometry appears.
The import report appears in the History zone.