Quantity and unit manager: unit system

Unit Systems

The Quantity and unit manager offers different systems of units measurement:

  • International system (official reference)
  • « US » system (the units most frequently used in the US zone)

By default, no units system is chosen, Each quantity has a unit attributed by Flux*. This unit always corresponds to the first unit of the proposed list, and it is this one which has the « Active » box checked by default.

Then the user has the option to configure the use of the Flux software by imposing a specific system of units (see the section below).

Note: *The units attributed by Flux (by default) are very close to the units of the international system.

Change units system

To change the units system by default:

Step Action
1 Open the Quantity and unit manager
The Quantity and unit manager is open
2 Click on Default

The following window will appear:

3 Click on the desired system
4 Register the modifications carried out on the current dictionary by clicking on Save

The units are configured according to the chosen system, and these are the units which will appear in Flux during the analysis of the project results.

The dictionary CurrentUnitiesQty.dico was modified (or created if it did not exist) in the directory:

C:\Program Files\Altair\2018.0\Flux_2018.0\Resources\UnityQty