Quantity and unit manager: environment


The manager of quantities and units contains 2 tabs:

  • A Usual quantities tab for the management of the units associated to the quantities predefined in Flux
  • A Users quantities tab for the management of quantities personalized by the user

Usual quantities tab

The Usual quantities tab contains:

  • The list of analyzed quantities available by default (implemented in Flux)
  • The list of units available for each of the quantities
Element Function
List of usual quantities Contains all the predefined analyzed quantities (called usual quantities) which the user can use in Flux for the analysis of the results.
List of units Contains all the predefined units for the selected usual quantities.
Permits the user to add one measurement unit.
Permits the user to delete an added measurement unit (predefined units cannot be modified or deleted).

For each usual quantity, the measurement unit taken into consideration is that whose « Active » box ticked.

Users quantities tab

The Users quantities tab contains all the quantities defined by the user.

Element Function
List of users quantities Contains the list of quantities defined by the user.
Permits to add a personalized quantity.
Permits to delete a user quantity.

The users quantities defined in the manager of quantities and units are accessible at the level of post processor. Its will be accessible via the label “user” which appears among the list of proposed usual quantities.