Study domain: concept


In the most general sense, a study domain is a working domain characterized by:

  • a type of domain : 2D, 3D

    and associated length and angle units

  • symmetries and periodicity (if any)
  • infinite box (if applicable)

There is one and only one study domain for each Flux project.

Software structure

The study domain is not an entity (Flux sense) but a grouping together of interdependent entities.

The different entities associated (or attached) to the domain are presented in the table below:

Entity Function (characterization of study domain)

identify the study domain: name and comment, type (2D, 3D), give length and angle units associated with following entities: Infinite box, Periodicity, Symmetry

Infinite box give shape and dimensions of the infinite box
Periodicity give type of periodicity and define periodicity planes
Symmetry give type of symmetry and define symmetry planes

Domain created by default

An appropriate study domain is created when you open a new project. (This is in fact just a Domain Type).

The user can begin the problem description without intervening at this level.