Automatic mesh generator


This mesh generator, based on the Delaunay method, is the basic mesh generator in Flux.

It permits the meshing :

  • in triangles, of any face, starting from the meshed lines of the face contour
  • in tetrahedrons, of any volume, starting from the meshed faces of the volume.

The mesh refinement is controlled by the node distribution on the boundary contours.


This mesh can be used in all situations (complex shapes, etc.). It is robust, simple and fast to use. It ensures low distortion of triangles and tetrahedrons.


This mesh generator generates more elements than a mapped mesh generator.


The meshing of a face and of a volume by means of an automatic mesh generator is illustrated in the figure below:

Triangle Tetrahedron

Optimisation for the automatic mesh

There are algorithms that permit automatic meshing

  • face mesh regularization
  • automatic volume meshing Delaunay method/advancing front method
  • Mesh optimization for volumes

These optimization algorithms are presented in detail in section Automatic mesh parameters (options) .