Linked mesh generator


The linked mesh generator allows the user to impose the same meshing on all the linked faces by means of a geometric transformation. This means that the meshing of the base face is copied on the linked faces.


The meshing of three faces by means of a linked mesh generator is illustrated in the figure below.

Linked mesh on the two right faces by means of a linked mesh generator defined by a transformation of translation type


The linked mesh generator is used to :

  • accelerate and parameterize the meshing of repetitive 2D structures. This function is very useful for the meshing of motor slots.
  • diminish the meshing noise on the results by taking advantage of the device symmetries

The linked mesh generator must necessarily be used to apply conditions of periodicity on the faces in the 3D models. A periodicity condition requires having the same number of nodes on the linked faces.


This mesh generator can be used only on faces.

Linked mesh of rotor and stator slots of a motor
This motor is described in detail by the technical paper “End winding characterization with Flux 3D”.