Constrained Surface

A constrained surface is a reference surface constrained by a cloud of points, normals and optional UV′ parameters. Use a constrained surface as a reference to create windscreen layers and curved parameterised windscreen antenna elements.

Surface parameters (U′ and V′) define the outline and internal grid lines of a constrained surface.

Define the same U′ value at a set of points to force a single U′ grid line to flow through the points. Similarly, define the same V′ value at a set of points to force a single V′ grid line.
Figure 1. Constrained surface with lines of constant U' and V' values highlighted.

The range of values assigned to the U′ or V′ grid lines only determine relative distances in the UV′ space.

For example, setting the range of the U′ grid lines as -1...1, 0...1 or 0...100 will only influence the relative U′ distance between the adjacent U′ grid lines.