Specify AMRFEKO command-line parameters using the GUI.

Specify frequency (Hz)
This option can be used if the refinement should be run at a different frequency from the current model setting.
Specify maximum number of iterations
This option limits the number of times AMRFEKO will perform a refinement. More iterations will result in a longer runtime.
Warning: If the number of iterations is limited, the mesh will not be refined sufficiently and can lead to inaccurate results.
Error threshold
For the adaptive mesh refinement, an error threshold is defined where the mesh is adapted until the error function drops below this threshold.
A smaller number of mesh elements is refined (least aggressive refinement).
A larger number of mesh elements is refined (most aggressive refinement) and will increase the runtime.
Delete temporary files
This option deletes all temporary files except the files related to the refined solution.
Skip final solver run
This option only saves the refined model and skips the solution thereof.


The Advanced field allows you to add command line options similar to when using a command shell.