Modification of the Model in EDITFEKO

Modification of CADFEKO models in EDITFEKO is considered to be an advanced workflow with important considerations.

CADFEKO writes a .pre file when the model is saved. The .pre file can be modified manually with EDITFEKO. In EDITFEKO changes can be made such as adding custom frequency loops. When the model is saved again in CADFEKO, the modified .pre file will trigger a prompt in CADFEKO asking whether a copy of the .pre file (modified in EDITFEKO) should be saved. Clicking No will overwrite the changes made in EDITFEKO. Clicking Yes will save a copy of the .pre file. The copy uses the naming convention, <model_name>_modified_n.pre, where the part <model_name> is the original filename in CADFEKO and the part _modified_n is an extension chosen to ensure that no existing file is overwritten. Repeated modifications are retained by the counter, n.