Defining a Workplane on the Patch

Define a workplane on the top face of the patch.

  1. On the Construct tab, in the Define group, click the  Add Workplane icon.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+left click to snap the workplane to the top face centre of the patch.
  3. Click Create to create Workplane1 and to close the dialog.
    Figure 1. Workplane has snapped to the top centre of the quadcopter.

  4. In the model tree, under Workplanes, select Workplane1, press F2 and rename the workplane to Workplane_patch.
Tip: Transforms can be applied to workplanes. In the model tree, select the workplane and from the right-click context menu, click Transforms.
Figure 2. A workplane can be rotated by using the right-click context menu option.