Adding a Quadcopter from the Component Library

Select a simplified quadcopter model from the Component library and add it to the project.

  1. On the Home tab, in the File group, click the  Component Library icon.
  2. On the Component Library dialog, in the Filter field, enter the text quadcopter.
    Figure 1. The Component Library dialog.

  3. From the filtered results, click Quadcopter - Simple.
  4. Click Add to model to add the quadcopter and to close the dialog.
  5. On the Align dialog, under Destination workplane, in the Origin field, Z field, enter -100.
    Figure 2. The Align dialog.

    Note: The offset separates the patch from the quadcopter on import.
  6. Click OK to place the quadcopter and to close the dialog.
Figure 3. The simple quadcopter model from the component library.