Setting the Frequency

Specify a single global frequency as 300 MHz.

myProject.Contents.SolutionConfigurations.GlobalFrequency.Start = "300e6"
Figure 1. Specify a single global frequency as 300 MHz.

  1. Search for Frequency (object) in the Help1.
  2. In the Help, under Frequency > Property List, search for properties that are applicable to setting a single frequency:
    • Start - The first frequency value (Hz).
  3. Fill in the frequency value:
    Start = "300e6"
  4. Determine the syntax to prepend to Start:
    1. Since Start is a property it is indicated by prepending a .:
      .Start = "300e6"
      Tip: For a single frequency solution, you only need to specify the start frequency.
    2. In the Help, under Frequency > Usage locations, note the following:
      SolutionConfiguration object has property GlobalFrequency.
      Since Contents is the one of the top levels in the configuration tree, the result is:
      Contents.SolutionConfigurations.GlobalFrequency.Start = "300e6"
    3. Since the project is the highest level, we prepend our reference to the project:
      myProject.Contents.SolutionConfigurations.GlobalFrequency.Start = "300e6"
1 The API is available in the Feko Scripting and API Reference Guide (PDF) or Feko WebHelp.