Saving the Project

Save the project to a .cfx file.

  1. Since all actions like loading a project, saving a project or exiting the application are done on the application level, search for application (object) in the Help1.
  2. In the Help, under Application > Method List, search for methods that are applicable to saving the project:
    • Save ()
    • SaveAs (filename string)
    To specify a file name and save the model, we will use the method:
    SaveAs (filename string)
  3. Fill in the file name:
  4. Determine the syntax to prepend to SaveAs():
    1. Since SaveAs is a method, it is indicated by prepending a : (colon).
    2. Since SaveAs is a method on the Application object, prepend our reference to Application, myApplication:
1 The API is available in the Feko Scripting and API Reference Guide (PDF) or Feko WebHelp.