Defining a Current Request

Create a currents request. The currents request is added for the default configuration, StandardConfiguration1.

myCurrents = myProject.Contents.SolutionConfigurations[1].Currents:Add()
myCurrents.Label = "Currents"
Figure 1. A current request is added to the model.

  1. A currents request is a object and since there may be multiple objects in the model, it is part of the CurrentsCollection.
  2. Search for CurrentsCollection in the Help1.
  3. In the Help, under CurrentsCollection > Method List, search for methods that are applicable to adding a currents request:
    • Add (properties table)
    • Add ()
    To create a currents request, we will use the method:
    Add ()
  4. Determine the syntax to prepend to Add:
    1. Since Add() is a method, it is indicated by prepending a : (colon).
    2. In the Help, under CurrentsCollection > Usage locations (collections), note that the following objects contain the CurrentsCollection collection:
      Since we know that Contents is the one of the top levels in the configuration tree, the result is then:
      But we also know that a currents request is added per configuration, the result is then:
    3. Since the project is the highest level, we prepend our reference to the project:
  5. Add a reference to the newly created currents request:
    myCurrents = myProject.Contents.SolutionConfigurations[1].Currents:Add()
  6. Set the far field request label to Currents1:
    myCurrents.Label = "Currents"
    Tip: View the Currents (object) in the Help for a short example.
1 The API is available in the Feko Scripting and API Reference Guide (PDF) or Feko WebHelp.
2 The part that is prepended to the method, maps to the CADFEKO model tree structure.