EMF/EMC Results

The results for human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are displayed in the tree, below the Propagation and Network results.

Figure 1. The EMF and EMC results in the tree.

Both the EMF results and the EMC results are governed by the specifications provided in the .emc file, which can be defined at Data > EMC Specification, see Figure 2.
Figure 2. The EMC Specification dialog.

Figure 2 is for both EMF (human exposure) and EMC. It enables you to specify frequency-dependent exposure limits according to multiple standards and multiple frequency bands. The exposure limit (for electric field) is in V/m and the frequency is in MHz.

The EMF results show if and where human-exposure limits are exceeded, see Figure 3.
Figure 3. Example of an EMF result plot for human exposure.

The EMC results show the location-dependent field strengths. Fields from multiple antennas are combined in principle according to

E t o t a l = ( E 1 ) 2 + ( E 2 ) 2 + + ( E n ) 2
with one exception. If the strongest two or three signals at a given location, received from the same transmitter site, differ by less than 150 MHz in frequency, then the signals are added according to ( E 1 + E 2 + E 3 ) 2 under the sign in order to account for the possibility that they might be almost in phase.