Types of Results

View the available result types and the corresponding file extensions.

The section gives an overview of the available result types and the corresponding file extensions of ProMan.

Table 1. Wave propagation.
Result Type File Extension
ASCII export of arbitrary result data .txt
Delay spread .fpd
Delay time .fpt
Field strength .fpf
Field strength (linear) .fsl
Interactions .fpi
Line-of-sight (LOS) condition .los
Morpho loss .fml
Path loss .fpl
Power .fpp
Ray data (ASCII format) .str
Ray data (binary format) .ray
Table 2. Radio network planning.
Result Type File Extension
Active set size .ast
Angular spread (BS) .asb
Angular spread (MS) .asm
ASCII export of arbitrary result data .txt
Best server .fpb
Channel capacity .cap
Cell area .cid
Coverage .cov
Channel quality indicator (CQI) .cqi
Data rate (downlink) .dda
Data rate (uplink) .dua
Eb / No (downlink) .ebn
Eb / No (uplink) .ebu
Ec / Nt (downlink) .ecd
Ec / Nt (uplink) .ecu
Exposure .exp
Exposure field strength .fse
Interference .oif
Interference and noise power (downlink) .din
Interference and noise power (uplink) .uin
LMU .sig
Localization 50m .p05
Maximum field strength .fpg
Maximum data rate (downlink) .mdr
Maximum data rate (uplink) .mdu
Maximum received downlink power .fpm
Maximum throughput (downlink) .mtd
Maximum throughput (uplink) .mtu
MIMO streams (downlink) .msd
MIMO streams (uplink) .msu
Number of received carriers .hho
Number of received sites .sit
Number of received TRX .fpn
Orthogonality .ort
Power density .pdy
Quality .fpq
Reception probability .rpb, .pro
Reference signal received power (RSRP) .srp
Reference signal receive quality (RSRQ) .srq
Received signal strength indication (RSSI) .ssi
Rx power (BS) .bsr
Rx power (MS) .msp
Signal power .spr
Signal-to-noise-ratio (downlink) .snr
Signal-to-noise-ratio (uplink) .snu
Signal-to-noise-and-interference-ratio .fpc
Signal area .sig
Site area .sid
Soft handover .sho
Spatial streams .sps
Superposition field strength .fpe
Superposition power .fpa
Total received interference .sin
Throughput (downlink) .atd
Throughput (uplink) .atu
Tx power (BS) .bsp
Tx power (MS) .mst
User distribution .uds