3D View

Display Results in 3D View

Simulation results, including ray data and topographical database (if available), can be displayed three dimensional in ProMan. Click Display > 3D Display or by clicking icon. Settings related to the 3D display can be modified, click Settings > Local Settings (Display of data) and select the 3D tab.

Figure 1. The Display Settings dialog.

Prediction data
Specify an arbitrary transparency level for the prediction data. In case of multi-layer results, either all prediction layers (height levels) or only the currently active one can be selected for display.
Transmitters and Sites in 3D Display
Hide site symbols in the 3D View.
Options of 3D Display
Add a border around the simulation environment.
Scale Factors
Change the size of the site / antenna symbols in the 3D view with a scaling factor. Scaling factors for the size (diameter) of feeder cables and ray paths can be specified here as well.
Note: Click Settings > Local Settings and click the Layout tab to specify the data of the current layout that should be displayed.

Result data in 3D view can be rotated and zoomed with the mouse.


The following examples show prediction results in an urban environment and inside a subway tunnel, respectively.

Figure 2. Example of prediction results in an urban environment.

Figure 3. Example of prediction results in a tunnel.