Generation of Antenna Patterns

The antenna patterns used in ProMan are either in a binary format (.apb) or an ASCII format (.apa).

Antenna pattern files can also be converted and created using the tool AMan, which features a graphical user interface (GUI) and a 3D view of the antenna pattern including different converters for well-known file formats (for example, MSI).

Figure 1. Generating antenna patterns in AMan.

3D Patterns
Further information about 3D antenna patterns, see AMan.
2D Antenna Patterns
Further information about 2D antenna patterns, see AMan.
Generation of 2D vertical and horizontal antenna patterns
For further information, see AMan.
Conversion of 2x2D pattern to 3D pattern
Conversion of a horizontal and a vertical antenna pattern to a full 3D antenna pattern (with four different conversion algorithms), see AMan.