SS-V: 3040 Heat Generating Wire

Test No. VT05 Find the temperature at the centerline and surface of a heat generating wire.


Figure 1. Temperature distribution in the wire

The bare steel wire is generating uniform heat. It is surrounded by an air temperature of 70 F.

The wire diameter is 0.75 inches.

The material properties are:
Thermal Conductivity
13 BTU/(hr-ft-F)
Surface Convection Coefficient
5 BTU/(hr-ft2-F)
Uniform Heat Generation Rate
111311.7 BTU/(hr-ft3)


The wire is simulated by a 5 inch long cylinder. End surfaces of the cylinder are insulated to allow heat transfer only in the direction perpendicular to the cylinder centerline. Heat dissipation rate was calculated through heat flow rate per wire 1 ft length.

The following table shows the temperature at the centerline and surface of the wire, and the heat dissipation rate.
Reference SimSolid % Difference
Temperature at Centerline [deg-F] 419.9 418.6 -0.31%
Temperature at Surface [deg-F] 417.9 416.5 -0.34%
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