SS-V: 3010 Insulated Wall

Test No. VT02 Find temperatures at firebrick and insulating brick surfaces in an insulated wall.


A wall consists of two layers: a 9 inch firebrick layer and a 5 inch insulating brick layer. The temperature at firebrick surface is 3000 F and the temperature at the insulating brick surface is 80 F.

The material properties are:
Firebrick Thermal Conductivity
0.8 BTU/(hr-ft-F)
Firebrick Convection Coefficient
12 BTU/(hr-ft2-F)
Insulating Brick Thermal Conductivity
0.1 BTU/(hr-ft-F)
Insulating Brick Convection Coefficient
2 BTU/(hr-ft2-F)


The wall is simulated by two solid blocks: 9 x 24 x 24 inch (firebrick), and 5 x 24 x 24 inch (insulating brick) (Figure 1). Thermal resistance in contact between the blocks is neglected. Side surfaces of the blocks are insulated to allow heat transfer only in the direction perpendicular to the wall.
Figure 1. Boundary conditions

Figure 2. Temperature distribution

Reference* SimSolid % Difference
Temp at Firebrick [deg-F] 2957.0 2957.0 0.00%
Temp at Insulating Brick [deg-F] 336.0 336.6 0.18%
Heat Flux Through Wall [BTU/9hr*ft2) 513.0 513.2 0.04%

*Reference solution is a 1D model.

1 Kreith, F. Principles of Heat Transfer. 2nd ed. P.A.: International Textbook Co., 1959, pg. 32