SS-V: 3000 Cooling fin

Test No. VT01 Find the temperature of the insulated end of a cooling fin surrounded by fluid with the other end maintained at constant temperature.


Figure 1.

The dimensions of the cooling fin are 1 x 1 x 8 in.

One end is maintained at 100 F while the other end is insulated. The ambient temperature is Ta = 0.

The material properties are:
Thermal Conductivity
25 BTU/(hr-ft-F)
Convection Coefficient
1 BTU/(hr-ft2-F)


The following table summarizes the temperature and thermal flux results.
Reference* SimSolid % Difference
Mean Temp at Insulated End [deg-F] 68.592 68.6 -0.03%
Thermal Flux Through Heated End [BTU/(hr*in2) 17.500 17.0 -2.29%

*The reference solution is a 1D model.

1 Kreith, F. Principles of Heat Transfer. 2nd ed. P.A.: International Textbook Co., 1959, pg. 48