SS-V: 5090 Bushing Stiffness

Test No. VNL10 Find the rotation of cylinder subjected to a moment of 10 N-m along its length.


The cylinder is connected to a grounded spring with the following stiffness:
100 N/m
100 N/m
100 N/m
Rot X
10 N-m/rad
Rot Y
10 N-m/rad
Rot Z
10 N-m/rad

The units are SI.

Figure 1.

Dimensions: D = 443.3 mm, H = 231 mm

The material properties are:
Modulus of Elasticity
2.05e11 pa
Poisson's Ratio


Grounded bushing with above referenced stiffnesses is applied on one end of the cylinder and a remote load of 10 N-m about the cylinder axis is applied on the other end, as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2.

Datum points are created along the circumference of the cylinder. Rotation between the points is measured to calculate the rotation of the cylinder due to applied moment load.
Figure 3.

The following table summarizes the rotation of the cylinder.
Reference [Target Value]* SimSolid
Rotation of Cylinder (rad) 1 1 (57.3 degrees)

*The reference is calculated by hand using a rotation of 1 radian about the cylinder axis.