Net Pairing

This item checks for the existence of a Pair Net using the net name or property.

Figure 1.
  • Item: Input item name
  • Filter: It checks if the nets in the Net Group have been paired or the selected Net Properties are paired based on the filter.
    • Filter Number: If you enter #5 on the Filter No., you can input up to 5 strings that you want to filter.
    • Select Prefix / Mid-String / Postfix: Method to import components.
      • Ex) Net Name :
        • Prefix: ((|F|)P, (|F|)N) // String 'P' and 'N' filtering
        • Mid-String: (+(|P|), -(|P |) // String '+' and '-' filtering
        • Postfix: (_P(|P|), _N(|P|)) // String '_P' and '_N' filtering

  • Check Type: It allow to choose whether to verify using a Net Group or Net Property.
    • If you choose Net Group type, you can only select and change Net Group.
    • If you choose Net Property type, you can only select and change Net Property.
  • Net Group: Select the Net Group to be tested.
  • Net Property: Select the Net Property to be tested.