Duplicated Output Net

Rule check for when more than one component belonging to component group are connected to the same net.

In high-speed signal, depending on the output type of the IC, the driving component should not be connected redundantly. And the output of power device should not be connected to the same power net.

Figure 1.
  • Item: Input item name.
  • Comp: Select a target component group.
  • Net: Select target net group.
  • Composite Power Net: Upon selecting this menu, DFE use composited power net instead of single power net. Double-click the item field, the Composite Power Net dialog opens.

    Figure 2.
    • Passive Component: The DFE make composite net for which are connected through this passive component.
    • Pin Group Property: In the case of a passive component of 3pin or more, pin mapping information is required for composite. Set the Property Name with pin mapping information.
    • Exclude Net: Nets which should not be merged into composite net.