Connected Multi Comp

Rule check for special purpose filters that consist of several components.

When a trace has noise or EMI problem or it is very weak against ESD, designer may not have any other routing option to resolve the problem. In such case, special purpose filters consist of several components, may be used. If those filters are used in circuit, this DFE rule checks whether they are connected.

Figure 1.
  • Item: Input item name.
  • Multi Num: Select a target component group. When an empty raw is double clicked, the Multi Comp Group setting window will be displayed.

    Figure 2.
    • Connected Comp Num: Define the number of filter component.
    • Upon clicking, required number of component list will be displayed in List field.
    • Click each item, then Select Group dialog will be displayed.
    • Select Component Group then click OK.
  • Multi Comp: Display selected comp group name defined at stage Multi Num.
  • Net: Define required net group to which the filter circuit should be connected.
  • Except Net: Define net group to be excluded.
  • Standard Net: Enter a string to choose specific net from all nets.