OS-E: 0850 V-Bracket using RADOPT

Demonstrates topology optimization of a V-bracket with RADOPT technique, using OptiStruct. RADOPT is Radioss optimization using OptiStruct. The equivalent static load method (ESLM) is used to perform the optimization run here.

Figure 1. FE Model

Model Files

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Model Description

Conduct a topology optimization of the V-bracket which is undergoing a compression loading (force applied in negative Y-direction), and the design space (yellow) in Figure 1.
FE Model
Elements Types
The linear material properties are:
Young’s Modulus
2.1E5 MPa
Poisson's Ratio


Based upon these findings, a topology optimization, the Design Objective and Design Constraint satisfied (Figure 2) and also design change on the V-bracket in Figure 3 are found.
Figure 2. Design Objective and Design Constraint

Figure 3. Element Density Results