OS-E: 0890 Maximum Bead Width Constrain for Topology Optimization of Oil Pan

Maximum bead width constraint is implemented to prevent the formation of large beads during topography optimization.

The Oil Pan is modeled using first order Quad and Tria elements.
Figure 1. FE Model with Loadcases and Loadstep

Model Files

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Model Description

An oil pan which is constrained in all directions on the bolting locations and normal mode analysis is performed. Topology optimization with the MAXW updated in the design variable (DTPG) card to control the maximum bead width in the optimization.
Maximize the first normal mode frequency
Maintain the beadfrac response within the range 0.5 to 0.8
Design Variables


Figure 2. Shape Change without Max Bead Width Control

Figure 3. Shape Change with Max Bead Width Control