OS-E: 0895 Flat Plate with Thermal Compliance Response

Demonstrates the usage of thermal compliance responses with Topology Optimization in OptiStruct.

A flat plate structure is considered which is subject to a heat flux input on the entire surface (defined by CHBDYE elements). The middle section of the top edge of the plate is maintained at a constant temperature. Topology optimization is performed, and results of element densities are obtained.

Figure 1. Flat Plate with Input Flux in the Entire Surface and Fixed Temperature at the Top Edge

Model Files

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Model Description

Element Type
The material properties for the plate are:
Material Properties
Young's modulus
210000 Nmm2
Poisson's ratio
Thermal expansion coefficient
1.0E-05 K-1
Thermal conductivity
401.0 W mm-1 K-1
Free convection heat transfer coefficient
25.0 W mm-2 K-1

Optimization Formulation

Minimize thermal compliance (TCOMP)
Volume fraction (VOLFRAC) ≤ 0.3


Figure 2. Final Optimal Design Results. in a tree-like structure and the plot of element densities