Ply Orientation

Ply Orientation Summary module generates the entire model ply-based property summary based on ply thickness. The module creates distribution summary as Thickness, Material ID, Property ID and Orientation of Ply.

Following are two options to create a summary:
  • Entire Model Ply Orientation
  • Component wise Ply Orientation
  1. From the Report Ribbon, Add Modules tool group, click and select Ply Orientation module.


    Right-click at the Report or Chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Model Info > Ply Orientation.
  2. Below are the properties associated with the Ply Orientation module.
    Figure 1.

    Name for the Ply Orientation summary.
    Provide the location of the model in the list of HyperMesh windows in the session.
    Entire Model Ply Orientation
    Detailed summary table of Ply Orientation based on thickness and its orientation.
    Component wise Ply Orientation
    This is an advance option to create component wise Ply Orientation summary and it requires component selection.
    Component Selection
    Component Selection
    This is a component entity selection option.
    By default, the value is “all” (first 50 components if Components > 50). You can modify the selection.
  3. Once executed, a Ply Orientation Summary is generated as follows:
    Info of Model – Text Note. This is created only in Document or HTML reports.
    Figure 2.

    Model Thickness in mm – Image file
    Figure 3.

    Model Material and Property IDs and plies 0°, 45°, -45°, 90° – Table
    Figure 4.