Material Summary

The Material Summary module provides a summary of the materials listed in the model. The module creates a detailed summary of materials present in the model of type Isotropic, Anisotropic and Orthotropic


It also provides options to generate four tables, when in OptiStruct profile.

  1. From the Report Ribbon, Add Modules tool group, click and select Material Summary module.


    Right-click at the Report or Chapter level and select Report/Chapter > Add > Modules > Model Info > Material Summary.
  2. Below are the properties associated with the Material Summary module.
    Figure 1.

    Name for the Materials Summary.
    Provide the location of the model in the list of HyperMesh windows in the session.
    Material Isotropic MAT1 Details
    Table for Isotropic MAT1 materials.
    The summary column includes Name, ID, E, G, Nu and Rho.
    Material Isotropic MAT4 Details
    Table for Isotropic MAT4 materials.
    The summary column includes Name, ID, K and Rho.
    Material Anisotropic MAT2 Details
    Table for Anisotropic MAT2 materials.
    The summary column includes Name, ID, G11, G12, G13, G22, G23, G33 and Rho.
    Material Orthotropic MAT8 Details
    Table for Orthotropic MAT8 materials.
    The summary column includes ex. Name, ID, E1, E2, Nu12, G12, G1Z, G2Z and Rho.
    Replicate Materials browser view
    This option replicates the tabular details currently displayed in the Materials browser in HyperMesh.
    Numeric Format
    Fixed or scientific numeric format.
    Precision value for scientific format.
  3. Once executed, a table output for Material Summary is generated:
    Figure 2. Material Isotropic MAT1 Details