Run the Model in MotionView's Flexbody Prep Wizard:

  1. Output the .fem file of an FEA model from HyperMesh to OptiStruct.
  2. Open MotionView.
  3. From the FlexTools menu, select Flexbody Prep.
  4. Select the FEA to H3D option.
  5. Select the Bulk Data file (.fem) that was output from OptiStruct.
  6. Select the interface nodes and modal information.
  7. Select the correct units.
  8. Perform a stress recovery.
  9. List the external node ideas with plus sign, "+", in between, such as 1 + 2 + 3 + 4.
  10. You may need to select MEGAGRAM for mass units, as this is often the mass unit used in FEA.
  11. Click Finish.
    Flexbody Prep removes many custom parameters created in HyperMesh by default. If this does not allow files without the custom parameters, there are two options: the files can be manually edited and run through Flexbody Prep again, or run through E-Compute. For more information, see To run the model with E-Compute.