Setup Optimization Deck

Figure 1. Systematic Optimization Setup
  1. If necessary, open the SNRD-Post Browser.
    Note: For more information, see Post Processing.
  2. In the SNRD-Post Browser, select the Optimization tab.
  3. Select a loadcase and the required E-Line.
  4. Choose the Optimization Direction.
  5. Click Load.
    The model, post processing results, selected loadcase, and E-Line are loaded into the session. The following items display:
    • .H3D file of MTRAN analysis, showing selected interface and all 2D Parts.
    • Relative displacement graph for selected interface.
    • Relative modal contribution bar chart.
    • .H3D file of modal analysis.
  6. Select the required frequency.
  7. Select the Auto Fill check box.
    The Min. (Hz) and Max. (Hz) value fields are automatically populated. If only one frequency is selected, Single Freq. (Hz) is automatically populated.