Export Variability Study

If a variability study is created in the session, an additional export option is available to allow for export of a variability study session which can be opened in HyperStudy to run a Stochastics or a DOE study.

  1. From SnRD ribbon, Analyze group, select the Export tool from the Run tool group.
    Figure 1.
    The Model Export dialog opens.
    Figure 2.
  2. Select the Export Variability Study check box.
    Figure 3.
  3. Enter a name.
  4. For Loadcase, select the Dynamic Event to run in the study.
  5. For Number of Runs, define the number of runs.
    Note: The number of runs is automatically assigned by SnRD based on the number of studies and the number of variables. You can edit this value, but it is not mandatory.
  6. Select an analysis type.
  7. Select an option for Combine All.
  8. Click Export.
    Note: Use the open the .xml file in HyperStudy to generate a run database and results required for DOE/Stochastics study.
The variability study TPL and XML files along with the OptiStruct solver file are exported to the selected folder.