Create Spheres

Use the Solids: Sphere tool to create spheres with solid or bounding surfaces.

  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Solids > Sphere tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Create the sphere using one of the following methods:
    Free Drawing
    1. Left-click on geometry or in space to create the sphere's center point.
    2. Move your mouse to uniformly resize and draw the sphere.
    3. Left-click to create the sphere.
    Fit To
    1. Select Surfaces, Solids, or Components from the guide bar.
    2. Select the entity in the graphics window. A sphere will be created.
    3. Modify the location, if necessary, using the move tool () on the guide bar.
    4 Nodes Select four nodes through which a sphere is drawn.
  3. Modify the size and location of the sphere in the following ways:
    • Resize the sphere by editing the radius in the microdialog and pressing Enter.
    • Click on the face of the sphere and drag the slider to adjust the size.
    • Click to translate and rotate the sphere using the Move tool.
    • Click to fit the sphere around a selected object.
    • Click to fill the shape.
Tip: While placing or editing the sphere, use snap points to snap to predefined points on your model, such as surface boundary fixed points or mid points of surfaces.