Simplify Region

Use the Simplify Region tool to create simple shapes around selected geometry.


The Simplify Region tool creates simple shapes around selected geometry. You can select parts, both FE geometry and CAD surfaces, and elements. After applying the Simplify tool, you are left with a CAD geometry solid that approximates and simplifies the original shape. The tool works for geometry and mixed model types.

Select the Simplify Region tool from the Geometry ribbon.
Figure 1.
Clicking the Simplify Region button in the ribbon prompts the following dialog:
Figure 2.

From this dialog, you can choose between Parts or Surfaces depending on your requirement. Choosing Parts will allow you to select the entire model, whereas choosing Surfaces will allow you to select single or multiple surfaces of the model.

Before running the Simplify tool, you can choose to create the new simplified part in either the original part or a new part, decided from the dropdown menu. If New Part is selected, you define its name in the New part name field.
Figure 3.
You can choose to create a new simplified shape per each connected body. If turned on via the checkbox, the tool will create one simplified shape per enclosed bodies within the selection. If off, the tool will create one simplified shape for entire selection.
Figure 4.

If Delete input is selected, the input geometry will be deleted after it is simplified.

Press the to reset the selection of the tool.

Press the to run the tool.

Simplified Shapes

From the Simplify Region dialog, you can choose from the following shape options:
  • Box
  • Cylinder
  • Convex Fit
Figure 5.
Box: creates a box around selection, aligned with the part and the existing coordinate system. This shape is useful for the creation of heat exchangers.
Figure 6.
Cylinder: creates a cylinder around the selection, aligned with the part and the existing cylindrical axis. This shape useful for creating MRF regions. Use the push pull tool to alter dimensions.
Figure 7.

Convex Fit: creates a convex shape around the selection. This shape is used to simplify a shape with lot of details or to create geometry between two selected set of surfaces.

Advanced Selection

The button in the Simplify Region dialog opens the Advanced Selection dialog.
Figure 8.

From the Select By dropdown, you can select from a large number of selection options. Choosing between Parts and Surfaces will affect these options. You can also search for specific part names using the Search field.

The checkboxes below the Select By dropdown allows you to Show All, Hide All, or Reverse Shown, affecting the selections visible.