Process of mesh import


Mesh import enables the import of the geometry and mesh. The geometry created is based on the imported mesh.

This approach enables the introduction in Flux projects of uneven surfaces in the form of “cut surfaces”, but has the disadvantage of generating an important number of geometric entities (volumes, faces, lines). As consequence, the result of the mesh file conversion is not always compatible with the requirements of Flux analysis (for example, the use of sliding cylinder, …).

At the moment of mesh import (or right afterwards) additional operations are necessary, in order to simplify and adjust the imported data.

Import process

The mesh import process involves three stages, briefly described in the table below and detailed in the next paragraphs.

Stage Description
1 Conversion with options
2 Fusion of the multiple faces and lines coming from the mesh import (facets and edges)
3 Positioning of the faces on a reference plane / cylinder