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In the importation process, the entities of initial file (specific to the geometry / mesh format) are converted into Flux entities (geometric entities of Point, Line ... type). The entities obtained in the Flux file depend on the option chosen for conversion.

Options for conversion

The options for data conversion proposed to the user are of two types:

  • general options, valid for all formats (presented in the following paragraph)
  • specific options for different formats (presented in the description paragraphs of these formats)

General options

The general options for conversion available for different formats are presented in the table below.

Option Choice Description
Coordinate system


(by default)

the coordinate system automatically created by Flux for each new data importation in the project where:

  • XXX is the imported format
  • i is incremented with 1 for each new data importation in the project




the predefined coordinate systems in Flux
REP_UTI the coordinate systems created by the user in Flux
Length unit


(by default)

the default length unit is meter
conversion factor

the unit is computed by means of a conversion factor:

meter * conversion factor



(by default)

the absolute precision is automatically computed by Flux taking into account the device dimensions and the relative precision of 105 .
manual the absolute precision is defined by the user
Note: If there is no options proposed (in the dialog box Import …), that means that Flux imposes the default options.

Specific options

Other options, more specific, are available for certain formats and are detailed in the description of these formats.