Imported Data Collection

These data imports are dedicated to transfer data from a Flux project to another one. The imported quantity may be imported in the pre-processing context or in the post-processing context of Flux using the Data Import / Export Context. After the creation of an export data to Flux as described in this page, the user may import these data into another project, however certain conditions must be verified:
  • The geometries of both projects must be the same.

To perform the import of data from another Flux project, in the Definition tab, the user is invited to:

  • Set the Project name where the data were exported;
  • Set the Data Export Name to import (the same name as in the project where the data export has been created);
  • The associated mechanical set if there is a mechanical set;
  • Choose the collection interval:
    • Collect for all the steps of the scenario;
    • Collect only for the current step;
    • Collect for a specified interval;
In the Mapping tab, several options are available to perform a mapping between both projects and then re-use the imported data during solving using a Spatial Quantity:
  • Select the spatial quantity to map;
  • Select the list of face regions where the mapping must be achieved;
  • Select the method to apply for the out-of-domain nodes:
    • Closest neighbors;
    • Setted to 0;
    • Defined by a space formula;

This data import does not import a file but an object stored in the Flux database of the project that is generated into another Flux project with the Export data to Flux.