Magneto-thermal coupling


The thermal analysis is a key factor for the design of electrical devices such as motors, transformers or busbars. Given the interdependence between the electromagnetic and the thermal phenomena, it is necessary to have them studied together. In the case of a motor, the generated losses heat the device and the increase in temperature changes the magnetic and electric properties of the materials. As a result, losses increase, the temperature increases again and the same cycle repeats itself until stabilization.

In Flux, the proposed magneto-thermal couplings are:

  • Flux (Electromagnetic) – Flux (Thermal)
  • Flux (Electromagnetic) – STAR-CCM+ (Thermal)
  • Flux (Electromagnetic) – Fluent (Thermal) *

The magneto-thermal couplings discussed in this section is accessible in Flux 2D, 3D and PEEC within the multiphysics context. The user no longer has to write the python scripts in order to set up the communication between modules.

Plus, Flux (electromagnetic) allows exporting losses densities to AcuSolve where thermal analysis can be done.
Note: *the Flux-Fluent coupling proposed in Flux but requires advanced computer science knowledge. It is equally possible to contact the Altair support to obtain appropriate help.