Data export to AcuSolve

These exports enable to transfer data from Flux to AcuSolve, which is a CFD generalist solver of the Altair HyperWorks suit. Being based on Finite Element Method (contrary to other CFD tools), AcuSolve can be more easily coupled with other FEM technologies to solve fluid-structure complex interactions and multiphysics problems, like for example with Flux.

The data exports described in this page enable to set-up a Flux-AcuSolve one-way coupling which allows to solve a large part of the magneto-thermal problems, because Flux computes power densities (in static conditions or averaged on one time period) and AcuSolve takes them into account as heat sources in its static simulations.

Two types of export from Flux to AcuSolve are available:
  • Exports of static heat density, which generate a .nas file (Nastran format) containing heat density values at elements at the current step. Only real scalar data collections computed on the elements are compatible with these exports.
  • Time heat volume density exports, which generate a .nas file of heat density variation versus time at the elements, compatible with AcuSolve. Only real scalar, transient, multi-steps and computed at the elements data collections are compatible with these exports. The user should specify:
    • The time interval to be exported. An error message appears if there is no data for one or several steps of the chosen interval for the data collection to be exported.

No matters their type, exports to AcuSolve must be defined by:

  • A name for the file